Optimization and technical assistance



Electric cabinets and thermography



Maintenance and service calls



Our mission

Rendac has been offering automation services since 1995 to help clients stay competitive by optimizing their machinery. Our goal is to help you maximize your performance and develop your potential. We’ll work with you to find effective solutions that fit your needs and budget.

Rendac Automatisation employs a team of specialized technicians that you can rely on. We’ll help you make your projects a reality and optimize their business potential. Whether you’re looking for professional consulting or a turnkey project, Rendac Automatisation is the right partner for you!

Improving your processes

Looking to purchase or refurbish a machine?
Ask us for help with your optimization initiatives. Our goal is to improve your bottom line.

Safety issues

Expecting a visit from the CSST?
Our team will analyze your equipment and ensure that it meets all safety and legal requirements, while minimizing any impact on productivity.

Technical assistance

Has your equipment stopped working?
Our team of experienced technicians is here to find solutions to your problems.

Vision and involvement

By offering valuable insights and hands-on assistance, Rendac aims to offer clients solutions that are both unique and innovative. At Rendac Automatisation, we want to be recognized for our ability to improve your productivity and strengthen your company’s image.