Electrical cabinets / Manufacturing / Upgrading

Electrical cabinetsAll of our electrical cabinets are assembled at our plant. The parts we use are from recognized brands and always have CSA, UL and CE certifications, at a minimum. Not only do we use certified parts, but our electrical control circuit designs and assembly procedures also comply with CSA and UL standards, in addition to the electrical code in effect where the product will be used.

Every cabinet made in our plan is subjected to dielectric testing and a rigorous verification procedure prior to earning their certifications. We make a point of choosing readily available parts that still have a long life cycle ahead of them.

In addition to the tests required for these certifications, each cabinet also undergoes functional tests prior to leaving our plant.

Annual maintenance

themographyIn many cases, changes in temperature can be one of the first indications of a problem.

Infrared thermography is a technique used to measure the temperature of a surface from a distance.

We use this technique on operational equipment as a contactless way of detecting issues and abnormal heating. This allows us to plan interventions and future work.

Thermographic inspections are required by most insurers. Contact us today!

  • Detects hot spots that can lead to fires or disruptions in production.
  • Analyzes heat sources.
  • Looks for temperature differences on production lines.
  • Helps determine which corrective and preventive measures should be implemented.