Solutions / productivity

Rendac Automatisation can help you design electrical equipment that requires process automation. We design electrical controls to suit the needs of your processes and in accordance with CSA and/or UL standards, depending on the applicable electrical code.

For all your needs

Whether it’s to control a simple sequence or a complex process, we can integrate programmable automatic control systems ranging from programmable relays to powerful redundant processors.

For your production management needs, these automatic control systems can be networked with your existing computer systems and/or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. This will allow you to control your industrial processes and track them in real time. Monitoring can be done locally and/or remotely.

Where moving parts are concerned, we’re also well-versed in the art of implementing all types of motors and actuators, along with their respective variable-speed drives.

Installation and start-up

Installation and start-upOur teams of technicians can go to your site to install and start up electrical cabinets for your equipment. An authorized electrician will ensure the electrical connections meet the standards set out in the building code. Our technicians will connect the accessories inside the electrical cabinets, such as the motors, limit switches, sensors, etc. Once all the components have been connected, we make sure that each one works prior to starting up the automatic processes. After these tests, we’ll start up each part of the automated process to get the entire system up and running.